Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Place for All to Share

This week friends and family across many states celebrated Abby's life on her birthday, April 12th . She has touched so many of our lives in different ways and will always share a piece of our hearts. A few years ago a website was created. Unfortunately, due to technical issues I won't go into, it is no longer functioning. So, I had an idea. Why don't we create a blog where anyone can post pictures or thoughts to? It's our own e-scrapbook! Whenever you are thinking of Abby or want to share a picture, simply come here and create a new post. And, if you already have a blog of your own, you can add this one to your favorites list!

I sent details to those I have email addresses for; please forward it to others who you think would be interested.

Enjoy and have fun posting! Below are a few pictures to get it started (from the original website)

~Beth Shean (previously Sheeler)

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